The Broward County Healthcare Coalition (BCHC) facilitates healthcare, emergency response, and other partners in working together collaboratively to build, strengthen and sustain a healthcare preparedness and response system within Broward County and to assist Emergency Management and ESF 8 (Health and Medical) with preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation activities related to healthcare disaster operations.

BCHC provides training, education, and funding for coalition members to assist with their emergency preparedness related missions.  Our services and activities include but are not limited to disaster and preparedness drills, monthly collaborative meetings, risk assessments, and hazard vulnerability analyses. We strive to prepare our partners adequately for any and all hazards that may affect Broward County.

Sustaining Partners

The Broward County Healthcare Coalition encourages the involvement of local, community-based partners. These memberships are crucial for ensuring the coordination of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation activities. Essential partner members include:

  • Hospitals and other Healthcare Providers
  • EMS Providers
  • Emergency Management / Public Safety
  • Long-term Care Providers (NH, SNF, ALF)
  • Mental / Behavioral Health / Substance Abuse Providers
  • Private Entities Associated with Healthcare (e.g., Hospital associations)
  • Specialty Service Providers (e.g., Dialysis, Home Health Care)
  • Primary Care Providers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Public health
  • Federal entities (e.g., VA hospitals)